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More people are concerned with improving their immune systems than ever. To maintain your health and prevent illness, supplementing key vitamins and minerals can support your body’s natural immune system, helping you to recover from illness faster or prevent them altogether. Immune-boosting IV infusions can also have added benefits like increasing energy or promoting a healthy and rejuvenated appearance. At Art Aesthetica in Chicago Illinois, patients can choose the Super Immune Boost IV therapy protocol with Dr. Skura.  

What is Super Immune Boost IV Therapy? 

The Super Immune Boost protocol includes: 

  • Extra dose of Vitamin C
  • Zinc
  • Vitamin B12
  • 10 ccs of Glutathione 

Benefits of Super Immune Boost IV Therapy 

Super Immune Boost treatment has several benefits for your overall health and wellness. Patients who receive the treatment benefit from support for their natural immune system, allowing them to recover from illness quickly and protect their bodies against infections. The Super Immune Boost treatment is also anti-inflammatory, which can reduce symptoms of illness, further support the immune system, and promote overall wellness. Super Immune Boost is a good IV therapy option for most patients, and is especially popular among those who travel often or work with a large number of people. It can also be beneficial for patients who are especially concerned with keeping up with their busy schedules or the immune effects of a stressful lifestyle.  



What to Expect During Treatment  

Prior to undergoing treatment, Dr. Skura will complete a brief consultation. This includes reviewing your goals for the treatment to ensure that Super Immune Boost is the best IV therapy protocol to meet your needs. You should also be prepared to list any medications or supplements, medical conditions, or allergies. In some cases, Dr. Skura may recommend another IV therapy protocol or adding options such as selenium, copper, and manganese to further support your health.  

After your consultation, the IV therapy treatment may begin. Initially, patients will feel a brief pricking sensation as the IV is placed. Super Immune Boost treatment can be completed in under an hour in our comfortable office setting. Patients often choose to relax by reading, watching TV, or sleeping during their treatment.  

After Super Immune Boost Treatment  

Super Immune Boost IV therapy requires no downtime. Patients can immediately return to their normal routines and drive themselves home if they choose. Some side effects of the IV can include redness, swelling, tenderness, and bruising or bleeding. These are minimal and temporary.  

Results from Super Immune Boost treatment are not permanent. For some patients, Dr. Skura may recommend scheduling routine IV therapy treatments to maintain improved immunity over time. Expectations and long-term treatment plans can be discussed during your consultation.  

Schedule a Consultation  

To learn more about Super Immune Boost or other IV therapy options, schedule a consultation with Dr. Skura. During your appointment, she can review your options to determine the IV therapy solution best suited to your treatment goals. To schedule your consultation appointment, contact Art Aesthetica in Chicago, Illinois. 

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