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Benefits of Super Immune Boost IV Therapy


Posted by Dr. Katarzyna Skura in Treatments on January 30, 2024

What is Super Immune Boost IV Therapy?

IV therapy is a method of delivering necessary vitamins, minerals, and immunity-boosting supplements through an IV. While the body can get needed nutrients from food or multivitamins, that capability declines with age. Many Americans suffer from vitamin deficiency, which can leave a person feeling tired, ill, and drained. When digesting vitamins, only a certain amount of vitamins are absorbed. IV infusion therapy bypasses the digestive system by delivering nutrients directly into the bloodstream. Try super immune boost IV therapy and other custom IV therapies at Art Aesthetica in Chicago, IL.

How Does the Process Work?

At your consultation with Dr. Katarzyna Skura, she’ll determine which vitamins and minerals will help you reach your health goals the best. During treatment, the IV will be inserted into a vein, which pumps the infusion into your bloodstream. Treatment takes no longer than an hour.

How Can the Super Immune Boost IV Therapy Help Me?

The drip IV therapy includes immune-boosting vitamin C, zinc, glutathione, and vitamin B12. This treatment can boost the immune system to prevent future illness while speeding up recovery for those already fighting colds or other minor ailments. Treatments can also include vitamins like magnesium, chromium, copper, and calcium for healthy bodily function.

IV drips can improve hydration and energy levels, speed healing from wounds or injuries, and relieve seasonal allergies. Patients often report feeling more energized and clear-headed after treatments.

The only discomfort reported in IV therapy is during the insertion of the needle, which is temporary and relatively painless. At Art Aesthetica, most patients do something relaxing while undergoing therapy, like napping, reading, or watching TV.

Dr. Skura is a board-certified physician who focuses on each patient individually, working with them to create the best preventative care routine for their needs.

Who is a Good Candidate for IV Therapy?

Good candidates for IV therapy include those with vitamin deficiency, those preparing for surgery, or those who wish to cleanse their systems. IV Infusion Therapy can also benefit patients who work with many people or travel regularly.

Maintaining good health has become a significant concern over the last several years, and immune-boosting therapy can benefit anyone.

What Should I Do if I’m Considering IV Therapy?

Contact us at Art Aesthetica in Chicago, Illinois, to schedule a consultation today. We look forward to working with you and helping you improve your overall health with IV therapy.

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