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Many patients, regardless of their weight or overall physique, experience excess fat below the chin. This results in a poorly-defined jawline, unflattering profile, and even an aged appearance. When the “double chin,” known by medical professionals as submental fullness, does not subside with weight loss, patients may turn to cosmetic options. In the past, invasive surgeries like liposuction were patients’ only options. Today, a unique injectable called Kybella is available. At Art Aesthetica, Dr. Skura offers Kybella injections for Chicago area patients.

Benefits of Choosing Kybella  

Kybella has several benefits that include: 

  • No downtime
  • Reduced risk with no anesthesia
  • Minimal side effects
  • Permanent fat reduction
  • Flattering jawline and sculpted appearance

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To learn more about Kybella and whether you may be a suitable candidate, schedule a consultation with Dr. Skura or read more on our website. To schedule your consultation, call Art Aesthetica in Chicago, Illinois.

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