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Busy individuals often face stress and fatigue thanks to a demanding workload and active lifestyle. This can start to impact overall health, with stress contributing to poor sleep and fatigue. Many patients can relate to this vicious cycle. Thankfully, IV therapy can help. At Art Aesthetica, our Executive Infusion protocol helps busy professionals stay at the top of their game, fighting fatigue, boosting the immune system, and improving energy and a sense of clarity. Patients in Chicago can turn to Dr. Skura for this Executive Infusion IV Therapy.  

What Is the Executive Infusion? 

The Executive Infusion treatment includes a blend of the following vitamins and supplements: 

  • Vitamin C
  • Calcium
  • Magnesium
  • Zinc
  • Vitamin B12
  • Vitamin B-complex
  • Co Q 10
  • Folic Acid
  • Terlament

In addition, Glutathione may be added to the protocol.  

Benefits of the Executive Infusion  

The Executive Infusion protocol has a number of benefits. Primarily, this blend of vitamins and minerals is intended to improve immunity. Ingredients including vitamin C and zinc help to support a healthy immune system, aiding patients in avoiding common illnesses such as the common cold. 

In addition, this protocol helps to boost energy. With reduced fatigue, patients are better able to keep up with demanding routines, balance work with active lifestyles, and even improve performance. This protocol is also great for rejuvenation and improvement of the skin’s condition due to large doses of antioxidants. Patients report reduced brain fog, improved moods, and an easier time managing stress.  



What to Expect During Treatment  

First, Dr. Skura will perform a brief consultation to ensure that the Executive Infusion is the best IV therapy protocol for your needs. Depending on the specific symptoms you face, she may recommend another protocol. In some cases, patients may benefit from multiple IV therapy protocols.  

During your Executive Infusion treatment, you can relax in a comfortable chair as you receive the infusion. Dr. Skura will place your IV, which may cause a small pricking sensation. Any discomfort will quickly subside.  

As the IV infusion progresses, many patients choose to read a book, watch a video, browse social media, or even take a brief nap. The treatment typically takes less than an hour. During your consultation, Dr. Skura can explain reasonable expectations.  

After IV Therapy  

Following your Executive Infusion IV therapy treatment, you can immediately return to your routine. Results are quickly noticeable, as IV administration of vitamins offers more direct absorption compared to options such as oral supplements. Some side effects of the IV placement can include redness, swelling, and sensitivity. Some patients may also see a small amount of bleeding or bruising.  

Results from IV therapy, including the Executive Infusion, are temporary. Dr. Skura may recommend that you receive regular infusions to enjoy long-term results and address any symptoms you are concerned about. During a consultation, a long-term treatment plan can be determined.  

Schedule a Consultation  

To learn more about IV therapy and the Executive Infusion protocol, schedule a consultation with Dr. Skura. She will review your symptoms, goals for treatment, and health history to make a recommendation for your best IV therapy option. To schedule your consultation, contact Art Aesthetica in Chicago, Illinois.

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