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Individually designed treatment plans.


At Art Aesthetica, Dr. Skura aims to provide patients with personalized aesthetic and wellness care. Because no two patients are the same, she takes the time to create a unique treatment plan for each patient, ensuring optimal results. Plus, because of this personalized approach, patients can enjoy a longer appointment time and clear communication with their provider for a one-of-a-kind experience. At Art Aesthetica, all treatments are performed by a board-certified physician, Dr. Skura for optimal results. Whether you are seeking anti-aging treatments, weight loss solutions, or overall improvement in wellness, she has the treatment for you.

Our mission is to guide, educate, and help patients to maintain their good health, youthfulness, vigor, and a fresh/ healthy look.



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I believe in education, prevention, and a balanced Body + Mind.”

- Katarzyna Skura, MD

Doctor of Medicine and Owner of Art Aesthetica at Art Aesthetica | + posts

Katarzyna Skura, MD believes in education, prevention, and a balanced body and mind. Her role is to guide patients toward their greatest health and wellness. She takes the time to design individual treatment plans for each patient, concentrating on prevention and each patient’s unique needs.